Cannabis Business Law

The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore works with cannabis operators across the cannabis supply chain, including cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and ancillary businesses, on corporate transactions, corporate governance, commercial contracts, intellectual property, employment, labor, and regulatory compliance matters intersecting with the legalization of commercial cannabis in California. Whether you are building a new cannabis business or need compliance oversight or transactional help for your current business, Shay can help you efficiently navigate the evolving cannabis laws and regulations to achieve your business goals.

Intellectual Property Law

The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore helps cannabis operators identify valuable intellectual property and strategically plan how best to protect it. Shay regularly drafts licensing agreements, involving complex royalty structures, for know-how, trademarks, copyrights, and rights of publicity. Shay also assists cannabis clients with avoiding infringement of others’ intellectual property. Shay handles California cannabis trademark applications, and routinely drafts nondisclosure agreements to protect trade secrets and other confidential information.

Labor & Employment Law

California’s employment laws are complex, and whether you are hiring your first employee, creating an equity incentive plan for your current employees, or developing human resources policies and procedures for your cannabis business, Shay can counsel you on how to operate as an employer consistent with not just the letter but also the spirit of the employment laws. On the labor side, Shay can advise you regarding the many intricate protections for workers that may expose employers to serious liability, and Shay can create guidelines and audit your employment practices to confirm your business operates lawfully with respect to the rules and regulations for California’s cannabis operator workforce.